Experienced detectives – the SV approach

During the initial meeting, you explain your issue to us in as much detail as possible. We will check the legitimate interest of your request, analyse its relevance and legality and look at the options available for the investigation. We will then define our method of working that will be tailored to the assignment, and consider the manpower, technical resources and budget needed.

The detectives will keep you up to date on any developments during the investigation and may provide early observations together with appropriate advice on the best way forward. At the end of the assignment we will provide you with a detailed final report with the evidence, including advice on the next steps!

Laws and regulations for detectives

In order to practice as a private detective within all of the legal and ethical frameworks, all detectives are required to hold a licence and to state their licence number on each document. The detectives at SV Investigations are recognised in Belgium and the Netherlands. This means that the investigations we conduct are legally valid in both countries and we meet all of the strictly controlled standards. We carry out investigations in other countries using stringently selected local private detectives who comply with the local laws and regulations. It is only in this way that your case file will be 100% legally valid.