Hire a private detective for personal matters

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating or are you involved in a pressing family dispute? Hiring a detective can shine new light on how the facts actually stack up. We will devote our full attention to your case file and find out where the problem lies.

If you choose to hire our detectives, you can be sure of a reliable and professional investigation that takes account of current laws and regulations. Obtaining evidence or counterevidence correctly may be relevant during legal proceedings or it may be enough to tip the scales for a certain statement to be taken into consideration.

Please note: Any breach of privacy must be in proportion to the ultimate aim. In turn, there needs to be a legitimate interest behind that aim. That is why you should contact your lawyer if you are thinking about hiring a private detective for private matters. You lawyer will help you navigate through any contractual decisions and legal negotiations.

We offer services to individuals on the following matters: