Intellectual property – protect your brand against counterfeiting

Your brand is your showpiece. However, counterfeiting, fake products and intellectual property violations (trademark right, pictorial trademark, etc.) are becoming increasingly common on a large scale. To guard the reputation of your brand, you can benefit from a well-considered strategy and approach. We have the knowledge and tools to trace counterfeit products and identify them.

As part of your complete brand protection, we scan the market for companies or people offering potentially counterfeited products. We then conduct a careful analysis and prepare a report. This can be used as legally valid evidence in ongoing legal proceedings or it can serve as counterevidence when you suspect that your intellectual property rights have been violated.

Have you heard that your products are being counterfeited or would you like to take steps to protect against counterfeiting? We see it as our duty to fully protect your brand against counterfeiting. Contact us for further information.

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