Due diligence – investigation during purchases, sales, or new business ventures

Are you planning to start working with new business partners? Or are you about to complete a major purchase or sale? A due diligence investigation into the other party’s reputation and integrity will give you a better idea of whom you are getting involved with. Our motto is ‘prevention is better than cure’ and you can bring us in to obtain relevant information about companies and/or individuals with whom you would like to conclude a business agreement.

During a due diligence investigation, we examine the accuracy of the information presented in the file. We focus on the financial, tax, legal and commercial aspects of a company and we identify risks and opportunities. This enables you to verify information on a takeover, sale or cooperation in advance.

A due-diligence investigation offers many possibilities. If you like more information or want us to work for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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