Optimum compliance management in your company

As a company or organisation, you need to comply with many rules imposed by governments, standards bodies or committees. When you are audited by one of these bodies, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you operate in accordance with the current laws and regulations. Good compliance management is essential for clearly identifying your legal obligations and for complying with them. It enables you to protect your company and the management against risks, such as money laundering, corruption and fraud.

What is expected of you in particular?

  • Compliance with ethical and legal obligations
  • Identification of risks for the company
  • Dealing with company risks by means of due diligence
  • Implementation of a compliance programme connected to business partners
  • Establish evaluation procedures of third parties with regard to corruption

A compliance audit enables your company or organisation to verify whether you comply with all kinds of new regulations on a preventative basis. Furthermore, it enables you to learn important background information about your business partners. That is because they will also need to comply with these regulations. If they do not comply, your company runs the risk of being held liable, for instance, for bribery by third parties.

In practice, we see that the compliance management in many organisations is too limited, or it is only carried out once. In order to continually comply with the legislation (concerning ethical duties) you are also recommended to implement defined processes and regularly conduct a compliance audit. We can help with this.

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