Put the spotlight on company fraud

Have you discovered inconsistencies in your records or do unusual things crop up time and again in your figures? Do you have doubts about a declaration by your employee or business partner? We can help you identify irregularities and put a halt to company fraud.

If you notice signs of company fraud, you need to deal with these consistently, resolutely and with the requisite care. We analyse documents, search for links and interview all parties involved, if necessary. After we have conducted our investigation, we present the concrete facts and hard evidence , whether it is an investigation into theft or the verification of sickness absence.

Please feel free to contact us to tackle company fraud!

Examples of company fraud:

  • Incorrect performance of work by an employee, sales agent or representative
  • Theft or private use of company assets
  • Declaration of excessive or inexistent expenses
  • Invoicing of excessive or inexistent expenses
  • Unjustified sickness absenteeism
  • Unfair competition or a failure to comply with a non-competition clause
  • Breach of contract

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