Evidence and counterevidence

Information gathering – collecting evidence and counterevidence

Whatever your issue, you clearly want to substantiate your case file as well as possible. SV Investigations is a specialist in investigative services and will be pleased to be your partner for gathering legally valid evidence.

Do you need counterevidence in a legal case? Are you looking for evidence that can play a role in a contractual decision or other legal matters? In-depth information gathering by one of our private detectives enables any irregularities, in personal or business matters, to be identified. Our goal is to present undisputable facts, hard evidence and specific advice for a constructive way forward.

We do our utmost to get to the absolute truth using our strategic and thoughtful approach. We look at every matter from an appropriate perspective, which at times is analytical and at other times tactical. This enables details to rise to the surface which may completely turn around your case file. One extra argument or decisive piece of counterevidence may be decisive in enabling you to win your case.

Knowledge is power. Our thorough investigations are legally sound, and the results can be used in all manner of legal proceedings. Enquire about the options for using evidence to support your case file and we look at where we can help you.

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