SV Investigations – want to hire a detective?

Do you want to hire a detective to uncover the truth using hard evidence? A key feature of our private investigators is their personal approach to every case file. Please contact us for further information without any obligation.

Contact details

Sophie Vanslambrouck: +32 478 24 00 30
Joost Blondiau: +32 475 20 59 94


Ninoofsesteenweg 107
1755 Gooik

Diegem (Brussels Airport)

Pegasuslaan 5
1831 Diegem


Collines de Wavre - Zoning Nord
Bâtiment H
Avenue Pasteur 6
1300 Wavre


Waterloo Office Parc
Building M
Richelledreef 161
1410 Waterloo

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