New certificate: Investigative Interviewing (PEACE model)

06.03.2020 - Blogs

The Investigative Interviewing course is based on the PEACE model (Plan / Engage / Account / Close / Evaluate). This method was developed during the 1990s by the British Police in conjunction with several universities and is used across the world as the standard for interviews.

The idea behind this method is to gather as much correct information as possible by allowing the interviewee to tell their side of the story. The task of the interviewer consists of facilitation and managing the interview which means it is essential to adopt a transparent and neutral attitude. After all, an interviewee will feel less stressed in a fair environment and this has a positive effect on the completeness of his or her evidence.

In practice

The training course also looked in greater depth at how the memory works and the possibilities for taking advantage of this during interviews. Interviewing techniques for bringing out deep memories were also extensively practiced. Sophie took part in a case study and various practical situations to apply the acquired skills in practice. This enabled her to immediately see the impact of good questioning on the results of an interview.

Investigative Interviewing at SV Investigations

After obtaining this certificate, Sophie will be able to use the PEACE method as an extra technique in various investigations. For instance, this may help reveal the full truth when company fraud is suspected or in the event of disappearances.

Would you like to use Investigative Interviewing in an investigation at your company? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.