SV Investigations – a specialised detective agency

SV Investigations is a licensed detective agency that is run by Sophie Vanslambrouck. Joost Blondiau is her partner in (solving) crime. This duo is perfectly complemented by a team of detectives or private investigators licenced in Belgium and abroad. They pool their experience and knowledge and get to the bottom of the facts in the shortest possible time.

A professional detective agency that provides advice

The aim of our detective agency speaks for itself. We conduct detective investigations for legal proceedings or contractual decisions, and we support the truth with effective evidence. We always place a high priority on total objectivity, reliability and discretion. That is why we are constantly updating our skills through seminars in Belgium and abroad and training courses. These help us to stay up to date with the latest and newest tools and current laws so that we can quickly get involved in any new case or unexpected turn of events.

Where can we help you most? We link fact-finding to specific evidence and provide you with expert guidance along the way. At the end of the investigation, we give you appropriate and honest advice that specifically focuses on your case.

Professional associations

SV Investigations is a member of the Association of Belgian Investigators (AOBI). Sophie is also a member of the AOBI Executive Board as acts as its vice-president. Only people who have a licence from FPS Home Affairs are allowed to become members of the AOBI.

In the Netherlands, SV Investigations is affiliated with the Sector Association of Private Investigation Agencies (BPOB). BPOB monitors the quality of the services provided by its members. Since not every detective agency that holds a licence can become a member, you can be sure that members of BPOB are legitimate and professional agencies.


  • Investigative Interviewing
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Cognitive interview
  • Interviews with a whistle-blower


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