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Our private investigators uncover the absolute truth using objective investigation and indisputable evidence.

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SV Investigations has many years of experience and business know-how and is an established detective agency in Belgium. As private investigators, we carry out objective and reliable criminal investigations and uncover the truth using hard evidence. We are fast, efficient and exceptionally discrete.

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Private investigator

Do you have the feeling that something is not quite right but can’t put your finger on it? Hiring a private detective enables you to get to the bottom of any business or private issue using indisputable evidence.

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Have you found discrepancies in your figures? Do you have doubts about the sincerity of a current or future employee or business partner? We can help you to identify irregularities and tackle company fraud, and we always back this up with indisputable evidence.

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Do you have the feeling that your partner is acting differently? Would you like to contest issues such as maintenance payments or custody rights over children? Hiring a private detective enables you to obtain relevant evidence for corroborating your case documents in legal disputes or decisions.

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Detective agency: our licences

A detective agency can only conduct a legally sound and relevant investigation when it has the right licences. Each private investigator is individually accredited. Our licences in Belgium (licence numbers 14.1720.05 and 14.1916.07) were issued by FPS Home Affairs. We are accredited in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Security and Justice under Private Investigation Agency (POB) licences (1375 and 1635). We are also the only detective agency in Belgium that is certified in the Netherlands by Stichting N’Lloyd.

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SV Investigations – latest news

You can find tips on our procedures and on how we conduct investigations in our blogs and newsletters. You can also discover the benefits of hiring a private detective, what the job of a private investigator entails, and how we identify various kinds of fraud.

New certificate: Investigative Interviewing (PEACE model)

06.03.2020 - Blogs

Over the last few months, Sophie has travelled to the Netherlands twice to follow an extremely interesting course: Investigative Interviewing. The training course helped Sophie to sharpen her investigative mindset and taught her the right way to ask questions in order to underpin a factual investigation.

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Interview Radio één

24.09.2019 - In the press

Mijn interview op Radio één op 14 juni 2019 over het beroep privédetective. Mensen konden live vragen stellen door in te bellen. Spijtig genoeg was er maar zeer weinig tijd om de job degelijk toe te lichten ...

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