Private investigators licence

Sophie Vanslambrouck is a private detective at SV investigations, located near Brussels. SV Investigations only collaborates with detectives who are in the possession of their private investigators license.

Companies and individuals can hire a private detective at the agency SV Investigations.

SV Investigations is run by Sophie Vanslambrouck, a private investigator certified by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior under license number 14.1720.05 (Act of 19 July 1991). In Belgium, the private detective's profession is governed very strictly by the Act of 19 July 1991.



Tags: Hire/hiring a private detective - Private detective Brussels
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SV Investigations

Head Office:
Ninoofsesteenweg 107
1755 Gooik

Branch Offices:
Diegem (Brussels Airport)

GSM:  +32 478 240 030
  +32 475 205 994



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