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Corporate and Private Investigations

About us
SV Investigations has been known for many years for its integrity and expertise, and we would like to preserve that image by all means. Hence we only accept assignments where we believe that they serve a good cause and on the other hand where there is a real possibility that we can solve the case. Certified by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior under license number 14.1720.05  and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice under license number POB 1375.
Means and methods
We have a perfect knowledge of the Dutch, French and English languages, thus allowing for national and international deployments. We also have a perfect knowledge of how the courts operate and of the legislation in force, as well as the structure and operation of companies. Our detectives have developed many years of experience so that we will be able to react to new and unforeseen situations in the most appropriate way.
  • Employees' time budget investigation
  • Evidence of contract rupture
  • Time budget investigation of representatives
  • Unfair competition clause
  • Sickness absenteeism
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Counterparty Due Diligence
  • Insurance fraud
  • ...
  • Premarital investigation
  • Preliminary inquiry for the establishment of adultery (bailiff)
  • Gathering evidence of unfaithful partners
  • Investigation with the scope of custody rights and maintenance allowances

SV Investigations

Head Office:
Ninoofsesteenweg 107
1755 Gooik

Branch Offices:
Diegem (Brussels Airport)

GSM:  +32 478 240 030
  +32 475 205 994



About us

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