Private persons may be confronted with serious family disputes or private problems. An investigation in this respect may shed some light on how things really are.

Prenuptial investigation – Collecting evidence of infidelity of partners – preliminary investigation establishment of adultery (bailiff)

You suspect that your future spouse is not who you think he/she is?
You suspect that your husband or wife or common-law spouse is cheating on you?
You have a feeling that something isn’t right but you cannot pin it down?

As a matter of fact, doubts in a relationship are never a good thing. It is not simple to recognize and prove adultery, infidelity or cheating.

The most common signs indicating that your partner may be cheating on you are e.g.: changes in the way he/she behaves, more overtime, other type of clothes, perfume, more appointments out of the house, more text messages, more app’s, modified passwords or rapidly closing the display when you are around, etc.

An investigation is advisable to stop living in uncertainty, not to draw any rush conclusions and confront your partner on the basis of suspicions, as this may lead to harsh discussions where details are left unrevealed.

An independent objective investigation can prevent this and make sure that your conversation is supported by solid evidence.

Establishment of Adultery by Bailiff

If you want your spouse to be caught for adultery, you will have to address a lawyer who will deposit a request with the chairman of the family court of the judicial district where the findings could be established.

The chairman of the family court shall then grant an authorization for establishments to the bailiff. The aggrieved party’s lawyer will be able to use the authorization to request a bailiff to proceed to the actual establishments and communicate where and when the findings could be established.

Before this can happen a private detective or private investigator is to perform a preliminary investigation in order to collect as much evidence and information as possible on the place and time for the findings to be established.

Do not forget that an establishment with the bailiff is a snapshot. The private investigator’s investigation will show that the two are seeing each other on a regular basis and/or are staying with each other. This evidence is very important to make sure that the counterparty cannot contest the one-time establishment and to show that the relationship has already been going on for a while.

The private investigator’s report and the bailiff’s findings constitute sufficient evidence to rebut the counterparty’s allegation.

Alimony investigation – Maintenance payments

You no longer want to pay any alimony to your former partner because you suspect that he/she, under the provisions of the law, is no longer entitled to it?

When it can be demonstrated that he/she is living together with someone, that he/she is staying and sleeping at his and/or her address, then the private detective’s report with evidence will be sufficient to go to court.

Sometimes it also happens that the former spouse has in the meantime started to work without having declared it. This is also important for the personal maintenance payments in order to be able to demonstrate that he/she is not in need.

It is our intention to do the investigation to the fullest extent and to gather as much evidence as possible so that the final report cannot be dismissed.

Also after a divorce procedure, when maintenance payments are due, an investigation can be carried out by a private investigator in order to demonstrate that the former spouse is no longer in need and the right to personal maintenance payments has expired.

Custody of children - (Co-parenting as from the Act of 13 April 1995)

As a parent it is difficult, and in most cases even impossible to obtain correct information on your child during the time he/she stays with your former partner. If you suspect that during these periods there are factors that are in conflict with the interests of your child, then a private investigator’s report constitutes a valid proof that can be used to institute proceedings in court.
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