Entrepreneurship involves a lot of risks. However every entrepreneur will always try to reduce these risks as much as possible.
That is why we are the perfect partner when:

  • your company has been confronted with criminal activity;
  • you want to keep criminal activity out as much as possible;
  • the integrity of your company is at stake;
  • you want to keep your business operations safe.

Background investigation - Pre-employment screening - Counterparty Due Diligence

You want to be sure that the person with whom you are going to start a business relation can be trusted?
With our investigation you will gather more information on the background of a candidate, a possible business partner, potential client or supplier.

More and more companies are realizing that such an investigation is of paramount importance.

You want to hire someone for a sensitive position within your company where the employee gets access to a lot of confidential corporate data or for example for a director’s position?

Screening personnel by means of a background investigation, background check or pre-employment screening, as part of the application procedure is common practice in that case.

This is also true for positions involving confidentiality where the employee has to deal with privacy-sensitive data or for verifying business partners whom you are about to collaborate with or close a deal with.

Potential links with other companies and/or family members, regarding fraud, corruption or criminal activity, sanctions lists, black lists, negative news can be revealed, both on a national and international level.

Corporate fraud

Year after year companies are facing financial disasters due to fraud committed by employees or business relations. Furthermore fraud has a negative impact on the confidence people have in colleagues or even the company. It requires a lot of precious time and energy to get the business back on track.

Have you discovered some inconsistencies or conspicuities in the corporate figures? Or do you have doubts about the so-called logical explanation given by your employee or business relation?

We assist employers in charting the irregularities and dealing with corporate fraud. The investigation will clearly show employers what is going on, with real factual evidence.

It is therefore necessary when signs of corporate fraud are noticed, that these are dealt with in a consistent, decisive manner and with caution. By doing so you, the employer, are sending a clear message to everyone.

  • Theft or private use of corporate means;
  • Declaration of excessive costs or costs that were not made;
  • Having inexistent or excessive costs invoiced by hired workers; 
  • Absenteeism: it happens that employees report sick and are working elsewhere; 
  • Unfair competition: non-compliance with the competition clause in the agreement; 
  • Evidence of breach of contract: collecting information that shows that the clauses in the agreement are not being complied with; 
  • Verification of how representatives/salespeople spend their time: e.g. the figures of your salesman are dropping and your representative’s reports indicate that he/she is intensively visiting clients. Our report will confirm or counter your salesman’s report and will indicate what may be going on;
  • Check of work performance – productivity of employee: your employee is constantly out of the office but is he/she actually working? 
  • … 

Benefit Fraud - Social Fraud

The Government and public authorities are often confronted with benefit fraud. A lot of people receive benefits for no reason and this form of fraud is costing millions to our state. Benefit fraud is reported more and more in the media and more and more methods are developed to discover this kind of fraud.

There are various forms of benefit fraud - social fraud such as e.g.:

  • Identity fraud: wrongly collecting benefits that are intended for someone else; 
  • Revenue fraud: receiving revenue from other sources; 
  • Financial fraud: only the right to assistance depends on the financial means; 
  • Housing fraud: not indicating the correct form of housing; 
  • Domicile fraud: the principal residence does not correspond with the address indicated in the population register (may be in another country). 
In many cases the investigation of benefit fraud involves:
  • Following / observing persons; 
  • Interviews with local residents; 
  • Digital research / background investigation; 
  • ...
When performing our investigations we obviously comply with the legislation and privacy regulations. Apart from an ethical method of operation it is also important that evidence is collected in a legally sound way, so that it can be used in a follow-up procedure, if any.

Benefit fraud may have a huge impact on society; it is the bill that in the end we all have to pay. That is why we like to help municipalities and authorities to detect fraud and stop benefit fraud, following the example of our Dutch colleagues.

Insurance Fraud

As an insurer you no longer want to make payments to victims that are not insured with your company? Do you want to deal with insurance fraudsters so that the insurance premiums can remain at a low level for honest people that are insured?

We focus on truth-finding and verify whether what the insured said or presented is what really happened. We gather as much information as possible so that, based on the policy conditions, there should be only one clear conclusion: either the insured is a fraudster or the insured has made a correct declaration.

TCRC ( is our partner in its capacity of independent assessment office.
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