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How do we operate?

In order to guarantee total confidentiality with every request, assignments shall only be accepted following a scheduled interview. We will not accept any assignments based only on a telephone conversation.

Once you have contacted us, by telephone or through our website, we will schedule a first interview as soon as possible. This can take place at one of our 4 offices or at a location of your choice. In some cases it is not advisable to meet at your company/home.

During the first interview the client can specify what he expects from us. In this stage the legality of your request is verified. During this preliminary interview you are supposed to present as much information as possible, such as e.g.: pictures of the person(s) concerned, vehicle(s) and number plate(s), useful addresses, etc.

Together with you we then take a look at the possibilities and limitations of the investigation. In addition the modus operandi is defined: the required manpower, technical means and the budget, tailored to your specific needs.

Also a legally required agreement is to be drawn up and signed in accordance with the Act of 19 July 1991.

During the investigation we always keep our client informed on the newest developments in his case. Upon request of the client intermediate reports can be drawn up.

Upon termination of the assignment a detailed final report shall be drawn up, stating an overview of the performed actions, costs and fees as well as the obtained documentary evidence, if any.

The private investigator shall autonomously decide which means and methods will be used for the execution of the assignment, with the exclusion of those in violation of the laws in general, and more particularly in violation of Articles 5, 6, 7 and 14 of the Act of 19 July 1991.

Our company shall provide a mixed team of licenced national detectives who are experienced, trustworthy and easy to mobilise.

We have a perfect knowledge of the Dutch, French and English languages, thus allowing for national and international deployments. We also have a perfect knowledge of how the courts operate and of the legislation in force, as well as the structure and operation of companies.

Our detectives have developed many years of experience so that we will be able to react to new and unforeseen situations in the most appropriate way.
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SV Investigations

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