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SV Investigations is a private investigators and consultancy agency run by Sophie Vanslambrouck, a private detective certified by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior under license number 14.1720.05 (Act of 19 July 1991) and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice under license number POB 1375. SV Investigations is the first and only office in Belgium that is certified on 2 June 2016 with a quality label by N'Lloyd (The Netherlands).

Our office focuses on the gathering of evidence in a legal conflict, both between companies and private persons. The assignments are carried out in full objectivity, total confidentiality and maximum discretion.

In Belgium the profession of private investigator is very strictly governed by the Act of 19 July 1991.

With respect to a private investigator there are no privileges, no derogations from laws in force nor any special measures favouring the profession of private investigator in relation to any other citizen.

We meticulously make sure not to violate any privacy laws, image rights, or the rules of criminal law regarding the prohibition on corruption of officials, etc...

SV Investigations has been known for many years for its integrity and expertise, and we would like to preserve that image by all means. Hence we only accept assignments where we believe that they serve a good cause and on the other hand where there is a real possibility that we can solve the case. This is just to emphasize that we not always say “yes” to a client, but that we also, if necessary of course, dear to say “no”.

We always try to find a solution for every problem and also render advice on which steps can be taken by a client and what measures really are required or at least should be taken into consideration.

We closely monitor the most recent developments in legislation so that we can advise everyone in the best possible way.

We work together with or upon request of lawyers’ offices specializing in various disciplines. When there is a good collaboration between the detective agency and a lawyers’ office, this can be not only very useful but in quite a lot of cases may also lead to extraordinary results.

In addition, on an international level we work together with several certified professional partners.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an introductory interview without engagement.



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SV Investigations

Head Office:
Ninoofsesteenweg 107
1755 Gooik

Branch Offices:
Diegem (Brussels Airport)

GSM:  +32 478 240 030
  +32 475 205 994



About us