Why it is a good thing to screen a “future” client

The managing director of a company that is renting out office equipment to self-employed persons and companies contacted us because he was worried about a particular client who had placed two short-term orders. The market value of the rented goods (9 items) is about 25,000 Euro.

A first order was placed, the day after a second order followed. Both orders were placed through the website of the rental company. The rental company has received the payments. So far so good.

The contract was concluded for two weeks. The equipment was delivered at the indicated address. The rental period almost expires and the rental company contacts the person who has rented the equipment on the indicated mobile number. The person answers the call but as soon as the rental company asks for a specific date and time to come and collect the rented material, the person hangs up.

The rental company contacts us and asks us to verify what is going on.

That very same day it already became clear that:

- the client used data of a newly incorporated company;
- this person is not an employee with this company;
- this company is a small construction firm that doesn’t even need this kind of material;
- the payments were made through bpost. The client used bpost to transfer cash money into the rental company’s account number, so that there is not a single trace back to this person.

The rental company has filed a complaint with the police... without any result/effect. In the meantime three other cases of swindling have been detected in his company.

We also gave him some useful tips for the future.
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